Our Story.

Jones + Me started out in Braddon with Director and owner Darren Jones and team, under the name of THE hairdressing, a premium salon established in 1999.

We continue to be all about genuine, unpretentious relationships and personal, real experiences. That means working together to bring out hair that is truly you. Naturally.

Because it’s all about you, we also have a selection of the latest magazines and complimentary coffee or tea so that you can take some time out and relax during your visit. If wine or beer is more your flavour, we have this too.

Going to the hairdresser is an extremely personal experience. In this urban, stressful world, it’s an opportunity to re-centre and even re-discover ourselves. Each visit offers something new to enrich your life, whether it’s a reinvention or just a refresh, we all need our hair fix!

At Jones + Me t’s not just about the hair, we are proud to call many of our guests, our friends. 

Our Director

Darren Jones is a respected stylists in the hairdressing industry both in Canberra and abroad. He is an industry educator and hair-cutting specialist with over 30 years of experience to his name. An advocate for personalised, natural beauty in hair, he loves the process of helping clients to look and feel their best.

Darren has developed and presented a successful series of educational courses called ‘Aesthetics’ aimed at lifting the bar across the hair industry - one stylist at a time. He has also offered specialist hair cutting education for international label Matrix Professional.

Darren values quality, innovation and education. He’s passionate about the craft of hair and creating and developing amazing teams of genuine people that love what they do.