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Darren Jones - Director

Darren Jones is a respected stylists in the hairdressing industry both in Canberra and abroad. He is an industry educator and hair-cutting specialist with over 30 years of experience to his name. An advocate for personalised, natural beauty in hair, he loves the process of helping clients to look and feel their best. Darren is also excellent with curly hair.

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Tanya Lancaster - Principal Stylist

Tanya is an outstanding cut and colour specialist and her hugely loyal client-base speaks for itself. She loves long, short, curly and everything in between, but creating beautiful up-styles and cutting are her passions. She’s all about creating an individual style for each of her lovely clients.

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Jesse Cooper - Senior Stylist

Jesse is our long-hair specialist, and is fantastic at working with our guests to achieve hair health. She cares about giving you the perfect result and is amazing at beautiful, natural blondes. She’s also great at mens cuts.

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Lyndsie Gilbank - Senior Stylist

Lyndsie is a cut and colour specialist with a great wealth of experience under her belt. She has an amazing talent for hair-ups and cares a great deal about her guest. She achieves stunning end-results that last - every time.

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Sarah Gibbs - Senior Stylist

Sarah is a colour specialist with a fantastic talent for blonde and technical cutting work. Her creative eye allows her to visualise a look and take her guests on a curated journey to get there, whilst maintaining hair health. She is also amazing at mens cuts.


Nadia Chantelle - Senior Stylist

Nadia is fantastic at achieving beautiful, complete cut and colour looks. She specialises in multi-dimensional colour, sun-kissed foil work, and free-flowing layers. She’s also amazing at hair-up styling and blow-drys.

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Jelena Harrington - Senior Stylist

Jelena brings with her years of experience and a skill for creating lovely end-results. She loves short hair and curly hair, and as anyone with short or curly hair knows, you need someone who cares. She’s also amazing at mens cuts.

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Nadia Damiano - Stylist in Training

Hair has been a part of Nadia’s life from the beginning so it’s no surprise that her career in hairdressing fits like a glove. She brings with her a lot of passion and a strong eye for detail. She’s also great at blow-drys.